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Emma Cantrell, 29, is the youngest finalist ever for the Tesco Mum of the Year. Nominated by a volunteer for the amazing work she does for local families, Emma's charity has to to date helped 500 local families.
Wokingham schools trust renamed at major re-launch event in Finchampstead
Much needed premises secured for baby/toddler equipment distribution charity
A sheep trail Woodley Precinct is being launched to share the Nativity Story with families
A conference aimed at faith groups and statutory agencies has succeeded in encouraging dialogue at a key time
Faith in the Community hosts a conference to encourage dialogue between churches, faith groups and statutory bodies
Youth charity, Just Around the Corner, has almost finished building their exciting new centre.
The Woodley Poverty Forum is to hold three sessions from September to explore issues relating to poverty
Local churches, trusts and residents have been working together to prepare a new CCA shop for opening
Good Friday Community Play features a Happiness Tree and focuse on Jesus and His acts of kindness
First Days Wokingham begins distributing pre-loved baby equipment and clothes to local families
Loddon Reach Magazine wins national prize for Best Content 2012
More than sixty people who, would otherwise have been alone,.enjoyed Christmas Day at the Cantley Lodge Hotel
Local charity is now making plans to work with other UK churches to establish new befriending services
A recent report concludes that both Wokingham and Woodley are the top two places to raise a family
Sam Milligan is delighted that work will start on the new Equine Assisted Learning Centre on the outskirts of Wokingham.
Rev. Nick Jackson has been appointed new vicar responsible for the Benefice of St James, Southlake
Campolo and Kendrick to join forces for a challenging evening at Greyfriars, Reading
'Mind the Gap' project to help children in Wokingham move from Primary to Secondary School.
Lewis Walker and Chris McCann were jubilant at the end of their Paris to Wokingham bike ride in June. The lads have raised more than £700 for The Link Visiting Scheme